I’m Susan Shea and am a Belchertown photographer. I remember being the great age of 14 when I was first mesmerized by the sound of my fathers camera snapping a photo…so with my babysitting money at the age of 16 I went into Caldors and bought my first camera, a Canon Ftb. Had no knowledge how to use it and carried around cheat cheats that my dad made up for me. I can honestly compare it to the same love I have for creating the many forms of art that I have done over the past 30 years.
While at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Ma I continued to dabbled in photography as a hobby. Graduated and was married, had three children and still kept snapping away. As the girls got older their busy schedule kept me away from the camera more than I would have liked.
Ten years ago my first grandson was born and since then I have carried a camera with me where ever I go. The love of film returned. There is nothing better than having a camera in hand and capturing moments! I'd love to capture your wedding memories, unique high school senior portraits, beautiful family photos, or your beautiful children!
My favorite part about photography is the opportunity to get creative and capture the personalities of each of my subjects. Each person has their own style, traits, and qualities that make them unique. It is my job to work with you to capture those qualities and show the world your distinct personality! While I am based in Belchertown, I am up to traveling to in order to explore different backdrops.
I take pride in my ability to creatively represent you as a person AND my ability to connect with you. I love to laugh and I love my job…its a great combination!!
Thank you for visiting Susan Shea Photography, I hope you have the chance to check out my work and please contact me with any questions!!

About Your Session
Woven with memories, photographs have the unique ability to shape and even transform the perceptions we have about ourselves and our loved ones. Whether it is a child's fascination with an everyday object, the sheer wonder of a wedding, or a family photo session, countless moments wait to be captured.

The goal of every portrait session is to capture the beauty and spirit of my subjects and the relationships that exist. All of my sessions are done in your home, at my studio or at an outside location that we agree on.

Prior to our session we will discuss your needs and desires and answer questions about things such as how to get ready for your session, how to prepare children, clothing issues etc. This allows me to get to know you and/or your child(ren) better. We will also discuss your needs concerning the display and preservation of the artwork that we are creating.

By the time I arrive for our session we will have prepared and taken every step to ensure a successful and fun session. Following our session I will need two to three weeks to process, edit, and put the final touches on your images. Your photos can be ordered directly from this site for your convenience of ordering prints. I also offer, if you would prefer, a full studio service from the creation of the image to the final product. We can help you plan, design and hang your artwork as well as offering custom designed albums and other unique ideas for displaying and preserving your images.

I can't wait to photograph your special event, wedding, your children, family, or even your pet.